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About Ula Café

At Ula, we believe that providing a friendly, comfortable and attractive space where individuals can casually interact with community members is equally important (for customers, employees and the community at large) as offering soul-nourishingly delicious fresh-baked pastries, write-home-about-tasty hearty savory fare and dependably delectable coffee and tea. We are thrilled to be Jamaica Plain’s neighborhood bakery, café and meet-up spot, and are committed to our role as a responsible, conscientious and eco-conscious employer, neighbor and community member. 

Ula Café is owned and operated by New Harvest Coffee Roasters.

New Harvest is a small family-owned coffee company based in Pawtucket RI owned by Rik Kleinfeldt and Paula Anderson.

In 2016, Ula Café co-founder and owner Korinn Koslofsky approached Rik about purchasing Ula so she could pursue other things. New Harvest was a natural fit, because it had supplied Ula with coffee since the beginning and was a small, community-based business with (very) hands-on owners.

 New Harvest is dedicated to keeping the heart and soul of Ula as it is, while we continue to evolve to better serve the JP community. We are coffee roasters, so we do hope you will give our coffee a try, take some beans home, order some online or purchase it at your local Whole Foods Market.

Ula customers are always welcome to takeadvantage of a special 10% discount at our website,

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