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Fuel Your Workout

If you have resolved to work out more and eat healthier this year, there's a snack that's sure to help keep you energized through the day. No, it's not from a juice bar or the supplements aisle at Whole Foods. It's the trail mix bar from Ula Cafe.

At this award-winning Jamaica Plain neighborhood gem, the coffee is great, the baked goods are delectable, and the sandwiches are inspired. So it's no surprise if even regulars overlook this humble little bar. But if it's energy you're after, look no further than this protein-packed, corn syrup free, and veganish (there's honey) treat.

During the development process of the trail mix bar, Ula's Assistant Back-of-House Manager Kelly discovered that most existing recipes call for corn syrup as a binding agent. For a healthier twist, she used ground flax seed and water for an egg-free, corn-free solution that sticks.

Jam-packed with seeds and nuts of all types, whip up a batch of chewy trail mix bars for an energizing on the go snack, or stop into Ula Cafe and pick one up!

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