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Trail Mix in a Bar? What?!

on September 29, 2012 - 4:31pm

We at Ula are often on the go.  Making sandwiches, slinging coffee, flirting with customers… it’s all very exhausting.  So we decided that we needed some kind of snack to give us energy for the whole day.  What we came up with is our new chewy Trail Mix Bar.




Brought to you with sunshine and smiles.





But where did the idea come from?

We decided the best way was to challenge our Assistant Back-of-the-House Manager Kelly, to come up with something and she dove right in.

Kelly began by researching a lot of different energy bar, protein bar, and granola bar recipes in addition to sampling bars at stores and cafes.  She started by trying out four different recipes and having the lot of us try them.

Ladies and gentlemen, the expert panel:


This better be good.



She immediately knew she was on the right track when staff continued to devour every prototype that she placed in front of them.  Kelly continued to alter and combine elements of the different recipes as she gathered more and more intel until she came up with a close version of what we have today.

Pictures from the Process




Scaling out the ingredients.







Toasting the seeds and grains.






Pureeing some of the fruits and nuts.





All of the dry ingredients combined.



Adding the binders.






Many of the recipes call for corn syrup as the binding agent.  And in the testing period, Kelly found that it also happened to be the most effective binding agent.  But we wanted a healthier option so we needed to find an alternative.  Kelly had heard that a lot of egg-free recipes used ground flax seed mixed with water as a binder so she gave it a try.  It worked wonders!

Final Product

What we’re left with is a healthy on-the-go snack that we’re proud to offer.  The chewy Trail Mix Bar is filled with a delicious assortment of wholesome goodies including oats, almonds, walnuts, pecans, pepitas, sunflower seeds, dried apricots, cranberries, dates, flax seed, sesame seed, crisp rice cereal, and of course, dried apples. (You can take the girl out of Washington but you can’t take the apple out of the girl)





Love those apples!





Stop in and grab one!!!